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RoundGlass Living

RoundGlass Living is the only comprehensive meditation, yoga, and mindfulness app you need to find happiness, harmony, health, and growth. We give you the tools for a better, balanced life by creating wholistic wellbeing experiences tailored to your journey.

Try our range of guided and unguided meditation experiences. Find mindfulness meditation and meditation music for everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Begin your fitness journey with yoga for beginners. Learn yoga asanas from handpicked teachers. Relax with stress-relief music, and use soothing sleep music for more restful nights. Over time, you’ll feel the power of meditation and yoga on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Your regular practice will help you stress less, relax more, sleep better, feel fitter, beat depression, boost immunity, and improve relationships.

RoundGlass living offers you all the tools and content you need to help you embark on your journey of wholistic wellbeing. Everything you need to embrace meditation and feel the transformative joy it brings is part of the app.
Here’s what you get on RoundGlass Living :
– Guided practices by world-renowned teachers
– On-demand courses, classes, and live sessions
– Music to elevate your mindfulness practice
– Exclusive articles delivering a new perspective

Yes, you can use RoundGlass Living for free. However, you will not be able to access the premium content and services that are offered under a Living+ Subscription.

RoundGlass Living +

Living+ is a paid subscription plan that offers you access to all the content in our vast library.
It helps you nourish your mind, body, and soul with the best offerings from our wellbeing experts.

RoundGlass Living+ offers:
• Courses, Classes, Meditation Music, and Articles on health and personal growth
• Timer and Tracker to chart your personal journey
• Daily practices on yoga, meditation, goal-setting, and much more
• LIVE video sessions with teachers from around the globe
• Member-only discounts and offers
• Reserved seat for exclusive events

Your Living+ subscription comes with the following exclusive benefits that are not part of the RoundGlass Living free version :

– New classes, including meditation classes focused on focus, joy, anxiety, goal setting, and sleep

– New course updates – we are always making courses a better experience. Check out these new multi-session practices

– Live session and VOD improvements. Join the community to practice live or watch our meditation teachers anytime

– Download content for offline use

Yes. If you opt for a Living+ subscription plan (monthly or annual), you get a 14-day free trial.

Yes. You can access all the premium content for free during your free trial.

You will get automatic updates when your free trial is close to ending. You can also go to your account settings on the app/web and get details about your free trial expiration date.

You can purchase Living+ by subscribing on our website, through the iOS App Store, or on the Google Play store.

The Living+ Subscription is available in annual & monthly plans:

– Annual Plan: $99.99

– Monthly: $7.99

If you are a web user, you can pay online using a credit card. If you are a mobile app user, you can subscribe through Apple or the Google Play store.

Once you have reached the payment page you will see the Discount Code field. Enter the code to redeem the voucher.

If you have a promo, voucher, or gift code, you should be able to redeem it on the payment page. However, if the issue still persists, please write to us:

Yes, our monthly and yearly subscriptions renew automatically to avoid interrupting your Living journey. Monthly subscriptions automatically renew on the same day each month (the day you subscribed), unless canceled. Yearly subscriptions automatically renew after the initial annual term unless canceled.

To review your subscription details on the Living App follow these steps:

– Open the Living app and tap on your Profile button in the top left
– Tap on the gear icon at the top left of the screen
– On the Settings page, tap on “Account & Subscription”
– From there you will be able to view your current subscription details

To review the details of your current subscription on a computer, follow these steps:

– Log into your account from the desktop site or mobile browser
– Select your name in the top right corner and then click “Accounts”
– Scroll down and select “Manage” to view the details of your subscription and payment info

If you are not seeing “Account Details” on your Living app, you’ll need to ensure your app is updated to the latest version.

If you purchased from Google Play or Apple you should be able to review your subscription details in your device settings or reach out to them directly.

If you are facing difficulties in accessing content on the app, please write to us:

We do not currently offer the option to change your subscription plan. However, in case you have issues with your account, please write to us:

We do not currently offer the option to cancel your subscription. However, you can disable the auto-renewal feature on your subscription so that it will expire at the end of your paid time.

Yes. You lose all access to all your downloaded files once your subscription expires.

Getting Started

By creating an account you can set up your focus area to receive personalized content recommendations and enjoy a seamless experience.

You can create your profile by following these steps:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on ‘Sign Up’ on the top right corner
Step 3: Set up your account via email or mobile. Enter the following details:
First Name & Last Name
Email ID or Mobile Number (One of two is required)
Set your password
Step 4: Click Register
Step 5: Enter the OTP received on your email id/ mobile number and press Submit.

You can also use your social profiles for signup and login.

If you are having trouble setting up your account, please write to us:

Yes. You can login to the Meditation Collective on the website as well as on the Android & iOS App using your RoundGlass Collective account.

You can use it by downloading the RoundGlass Living Mobile App from Google Play store and Apple App Store.
Get Android App
Get iOS App

Yes. The same account will enable access on the web and the mobile app.

Account Settings


To set your meditation reminder, click on ‘Profile’ on the App and go to ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Reminder’ and toggle the button to set a reminder. Choose the time for the reminder you want.

To turn off your meditation reminder, click on ‘Profile’ on the App and go to ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Reminder’ and toggle the button off. To edit your meditation reminder, click on the reminder you want to edit and change the time.

You can add up to 4 reminders per day.

My History

The Journey is the record of your meditation history. You can find all the meditation sessions you have listened to organized by date under the ‘Journey’ section.

To access your meditation history, click on ‘More’ from the bottom navigation and go to ‘Journey’.

Other Questions

Practice pathways are categories reflecting wellbeing practices that facilitate the user’s wellbeing journey.
You can navigate to content within a particular practice of interest from the following :

  1. Yoga
  2. Fitness
  3. Healthy Eating
  4. Martial Arts
  5. Integrative Therapy
  6. Learning and Wisdom
  7. Rituals and Ceremonies
  8. Meditation and Mindfulness

Focus areas are the categories in which a user may want to improve their current state of wellbeing with the help of courses and classes on the Living App.

“Where do we start when we want to do something? We start with ourselves.”
- Vishvapani Blomfield