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Rest easier with guided sleep meditations

Drift off with a 12-minute sleep journey by Palma Michel

Getting better sleep starts with a relaxed state of mind. Stress and anxiety can often contribute to insomnia and restlessness. When looking at how to fall sleep easily, meditation may offer several solutions to these issues by activating your body’s natural relaxation response. In addition to reducing stress and calming anxiety, meditation can help by increasing melatonin, reducing heart rates, and activating parts of the brain that encourage slumber. Ready to unwind for deeper sleep and relaxation?

Check out our collection of free sleep meditation and calming sleep music to get started.

Free guided meditations for sleep

Meditation can provide some much-needed sleep help by relieving stress and anxiety

Free music to help you sleep and meditate

When preparing for a full night’s rest, deep sleep meditation can unlock many possibilities. Practicing breathwork can help reset your nervous system for natural stress relief. Body scan meditation shifts your awareness to release tension in different parts of your body. While relaxing sleep music provides a backdrop of soothing sounds to help you fully unwind. By starting with a 10-minute meditation and trying many of these different options, you can begin to explore what helps you sleep best.

Try This Free Guided Sleep Meditation

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