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Change your life, one wellbeing goal at a time: the only app to give you a personalized daily wellbeing feed with breathwork, meditation, yoga, food, music, and more.
Roundglass Living is your partner for life.
Types of wellbeing practices
20+Types of wellbeing practices
Targeted classes to choose from
1000+Targeted classes to choose from
Recipes for healthy eating
200+Recipes for healthy eating
Healing, soothing music tracks
700+Healing, soothing music tracks
Your Daily Dose of Wellbeing

A complete wellbeing toolkit: Breathwork, meditation, yoga, food and music.

Personalized for your goals: Better sleep, less stress, and more.

Real-time insights: Track your progress and get nudges to ensure you see results.

Roundglass Punjab FC
Professional football club playing in Indian Super League (ISL), the top flight of Indian football league system.
Winners of I-League 2023 and the only team to be directly promoted to ISL, the “Shers” are dedicated to restoring the sporting glory of Punjab in India and the world.
Roundglass Giving
At the heart of Roundglass lies a deep-seated commitment to giving. All our ventures share a common mission: empowering individuals, enriching communities, and preserving a thriving planet.
Roundglass Foundation
In every child we educate, every woman we empower, every tree we plant, and every village we transform, we're creating holistic models for global change.
Roundglass Sports
From grassroots to global arenas: creating excellence in football, hockey, and tennis.
Roundglass Sustain
A treasure trove of stories inspiring a sense of wonder in India's wildlife and habitats.
Roundglass India Center
The Roundglass India Center at Seattle University focuses on the study of contemporary India as well as the Indian American community. Our mission is to educate our communities on current issues impacting them and conduct cutting edge research on India and Indian Americans with the goal of advancing positive social, economic, and policy change in the United States and India.
Living with Sunny
Sunny Gurpreet Singh is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Seattle, USA. He is the founder of Edifecs, and Roundglass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing organization. Sunny's philanthropic work includes Roundglass Giving that promotes wellbeing for communities and the planet.