Stories of Change: Rajpal Kaur

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Homemakers like Rajpal are now economically independent thanks to RoundGlass Foundation's Self-Help Groups.

Rajpal Kaur got her chances late in life but she made the most of them. “Women have a much greater capacity to work than men, but the problem is that we don’t get enough opportunities,” says Rajpal.

In April 2019, when she heard that the RoundGlass Foundation was planning to set up a sanitary pad-making unit in Aloona Tola, she rounded up her women friends and took them to the Foundation’s office to understand what the project entailed. Today, she leads a women’s self-help group that runs a sanitary pad-making unit and is spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene in Ludhiana district of Punjab.

SHGs are part RoundGlass Foundation’s effort to create a new generation of financially empowered women in the villages of Punjab.

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