Naren Kini

Naren Kini is a serial entrepreneur in technology and has been a regular speaker on topics of Wellness and Innovation. He is a heart-based meditation coach/trainer for Heartfulness and is passionate about applying meditation to improve workplace relationships, performance, and productivity. He believes true joy comes in integrating work and life rather than trying to balance them. He is an active contributor to blogs and magazines and is invited to speak at various conferences and corporations on topics like Empathetic Leadership, Inspiration from Within, Work-Life Balance, and Corporate Consciousness, among others. Over the last 25 years, Naren has held several volunteer positions to help bring meditation to workplaces and is currently the Director at the Heartfulness Institute. As an avid proponent of micro-habits, he sets aside about an hour to sketch or paint each day. His work has been published and exhibited for several publications, and proceeds of silent auctions are donated to non-profit organizations for the wellness of kids and young adults. His vision is the ubiquitous use of Heartfulness Meditation to unlock the inner potential in everyone.
San Ramon California United States
  • Meditation
  • Leadership
  • Art and design
Naren  Kini


  • Bangalore University

    BS Engineering 1982 - 1987


  • CEO

    GLOBAL TOUCHPOINTS INC., Jul 2004 - Present (19 years)