Holly Hall

Life Coach
Educated in psychology and philosophy, Holly Hall is a renowned psychic and master astrologer. She combines that background with neuro-linguistic programming, powerful intuition, and direct contact with the universal consciousness to help thousands of clients tap into the universal collective mind. “My favorite aspect in astrology is the fact that I can see into the depths of your soul simply by looking at the chart,” Hall says. “The chart is the map of the sky the day, the place, and the moment you were born. I strongly believe in past lives as the Buddhists and Hindus do. Therefore, knowing your path and healing your soul in order to evolve is important.” Through studying the works of scientists like Nassim Haramein and Gregg Braden, Hall has formulated an understanding of how the universe speaks to whom we are and why we are here. She has training in past-life regression, astrology, and life coaching, and she uses her talents to help people stay on track, navigate future plans, strategize business and career choices, heal relationships, and better understand others.
Guelph Ontario Canada
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  • love
  • clairvoyant
  • Career & Business
  • parenting
  • past-life regression
  • astrology
Holly Hall



  • Heart Math Institute

    Heart Math Practitioner Nov 2020 - Present (3 years)
  • Michael Neill

    Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner Aug 2020 - Present (3 years)


  • Master Astrologer McGiver Inst

    Advanced Astrology 2020 - Present
  • York University

    2000 - 2003


  • CEO

    Ask Holly Hall Sep 2010 - Present (13 years)
  • Life Coach Astrologer

    Self-Employed Jan 1994 - Present (29 years)