Eleanor Cleverly

I joined the End of Life Collective team as Business Lead in 2021. I've spent a good part of my career working on initiatives designed to create meaningful impact on both individual lives and broader communities. Upon meeting Michael Hebb, I gained greater awareness of how potent and powerful end of life conversations can be and am grateful for the opportunity to take my past experience and infuse it with the profound work undertaken at RoundGlass. From 2017-2021, I worked at Amazon, leading initiatives across advertising, retail operations, supply chain, and HR. Prior to moving to Seattle in 2016, I lived in Boston for three years, part of which was spent at Harvard's Kennedy School—there I worked on a research project (Sustain Arts) that delved into sustainable business models for arts and cultural organizations. I also spent two years at The Boston Globe leading aspects of their digital media portfolio. I have a Masters in Media Studies from The New School, and during my six years in NYC, I worked as a writer, designer, marketer, and researcher, with a four-year tenure as Assistant Director of Harmony Labs, a think tank focused on understanding the impact narrative media has on decisive social issues. I'm a good mix of homebody and adventurer. I subscribe to far too many home and architecture magazines for a person who does not own a home. I love a good meme, but I've been self-disciplined enough not to download Tik-Tok :)
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Eleanor Cleverly