How Meditation Helped Me Find My True Home

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I remain profoundly human but suffer so much less now; the experience of liberation is real for me.
How Meditation Helped Me Find My True Home

Although she had always been drawn to meditation, it wasn’t until Lisa Kring participated in a clinical study group with Dan Siegel of UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) that she finally connected to the practice. Today, she’s a licensed clinical social worker and mindfulness meditation instructor.

Here, she talks about enlightened women, how to stay grounded, and why you should treat yourself like a precious puppy at the beginning of your meditation journey.

Q: What are the most significant benefits you’ve received from meditating?

A: While pain is part of the human condition, suffering is optional from a Buddhist perspective. I remain profoundly human but suffer so much less now; the experience of liberation is real for me.

I used to blame myself when I was suffering or view it as proof that I was defective somehow. That’s no longer my experience. Also, finally “coming home” to myself as I truly am in my own heart, I find that I am connected and at home wherever I am.

There is less the experience of separation and more of a deep connection. Lastly, I used to view circumstances as obstacles, which I can now understand as golden opportunities for transformation and growth. Basically, on this path, all are workable.

Q: What’s your top tip for a beginning meditator?

A: Start with all of the qualities you would bring to a sweet and precious puppy you are training: patience, consistency, kindness, understanding, tenderness, healthy humor, realistic expectations, and love. Kindness is the foundation for it all.

Q: Who’s had the most significant impact on your work?

A: The Buddha, without a doubt! Also, I hold as my heart teacher and guiding North Star, the Ven Ayya Tathaaloka. She is an incredible Theravada bhikkhuni nun who I am blessed to know and support. She embodies this path, and she lights the way wherever she goes.

She is also a testament that women can know enlightenment, equal to any man. As a lay practitioner in this tradition, I find it very beneficial to align with a monastic in this way.

Q: What are your favorite topics to focus on in your classes?

A: The powerful and transformative heart practices of compassion, self-compassion, and equanimity. I find awakening and developing wholesome qualities, such as gratitude, peace, wisdom, contentment, and joy, endlessly beneficial!

Q: Other than meditation, what daily tools do you use to feel your best?

A: From my perspective, it’s all practice, truly. But in that spirit, I stay grounded through hiking, running, cooking, enjoying music, dancing, laughing, books, art, friends, family, and social action activism. Simply slowing down is always a good thing!

Try this class, Connect to Your Inner Wisdom by meditation teacher Patwant Rhodes to learn how meditation may reveal more of your true self. 

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Lisa Kring draws from her experience as a licensed clinical social worker with a background in dispute resolution and family court mediation to practice and teach others about mindfulness. She believes self-compassion is a powerful tool to establish deep healing and growth.
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