Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Seattle, US. He is on a mission to democratize Wholistic Wellbeing — wellbeing across dimensions such as physical, mental, spiritual, financial, professional, social, community, and planetary — for the world.

He is working to realize this dream through RoundGlass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing organization that he founded in 2014. RoundGlass is enabling and empowering individuals and communities on the path of Wholistic Wellbeing through technology-based solutions such as apps, expert-led content, and by providing access to some of the world’s best teachers.

 The RoundGlass Living app integrates all of this to offer science-backed courses, classes, live sessions etc. on yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, music, and more to wellbeing seekers.

Sunny started his career with companies such as Expeditors International and Microsoft in the US in the early 1990s, however, he was always inclined towards entrepreneurship. He soon narrowed in on a goal — to make healthcare delivery better for patients, caregivers, and professionals — and started his own company, Edifecs, in 1996. 

Today, Edifecs is a profitable multinational company and a market leader in the global healthcare technology space with over 350 healthcare customers serving more than 215 million lives.

While leading Edifecs, Sunny got intimately familiar with the healthcare system. He realized the need to transform the prevailing reaction-based approach in the healthcare world to one that’s proactive, focused on prevention in addition to treatment. He also felt that people have forgotten how to live a life centered on wellbeing and established RoundGlass to fix that.

Sunny is also passionate about philanthropy. He believes everyone must and can give back, in whatever way they can, and it’s imperative for leaders. In line with this personal ethic, he has established RoundGlass Giving, which encompasses social impact initiatives such as the RoundGlass Foundation, RoundGlass Sports, and RoundGlass Sustain. These initiatives put his core philosophy of promoting wellbeing of communities and the planet into action.

The RoundGlass Foundation is helping improve the lives of people in under-served communities of Punjab, Sunny’s home state in India. It runs several on-ground initiatives around learning and sports for children and youth; self-help groups and health and hygiene awareness programs for women; sustainability through reforestation, waste management, etc. Till date, the Foundation has impacted the lives of over a million people in more than 1,000 villages of Punjab.

RoundGlass Sports is inspiring children and youth to take up sports for their wellbeing. To this end, it is transforming sports such as football, hockey, and tennis in Punjab and in India. While its Grassroots program identifies young talent, the RoundGlass Sports Academy provides these athletes best-in-class training, coaching, and residential and learning infrastructure.

RoundGlass Sustain is bringing the rich biodiversity of India to a global audience through a media-rich digital encyclopedia of species and ecosystems. The platform tells stories about India’s wildlife and habitats, enabling learning, discovery, and respect for all things wild with the aim of creating a compassionate community of changemakers.

Over the years, Sunny’s work has been widely acknowledged. He was named Disruptor of the Year by Puget Sound Business Journal in Seattle in 2019. In 2013, he was asked to speak at the White House as one of the pre-eminent American Sikh business leaders. He also received the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Pacific Northwest award. Sunny is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and holds dual master's degrees in Computer Science & Industrial Engineering from Montana State University.

For Sunny, Wholistic Wellbeing is not just his work but a way of life. He identifies as a wellbeing seeker who’s on a lifelong journey and wants everyone else to join him so we can together find ways to live better and with more joy.

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