Learn to Practice Self-Compassion

Learn to Practice Self-Compassion

3 Mins|Mini Meditation| Meditation & Mindfulness

About this mini meditation

This short and nurturing practice of self-compassion will help you experience deep relaxation from the inside out.

This short guided meditation will teach you how to rest in the gentle and relaxing flow of your breath, and add a simple physical gesture of self-compassion to achieve deeper states of relaxation. Use it whenever you need a short break to relax, and notice how calming the breath is to the mind, and how even a little bit of self-compassion naturally relaxes the body, restoring balance, ease and wellbeing.

Live your life healthy, happy, whole.

About the teacher

Lisa Kring

Lisa Kring draws from her experience as a licensed clinical social worker with a background in dispute resolution and family court mediation to practice and teach others about mindfulness. She believes self-compassion is a powerful tool to establish deep healing and growth.