Body Scan for Anxiety

Body Scan for Anxiety

16 Mins|Class| Meditation & Mindfulness

About this class

This mindfulness practice will help you get out of your anxious mind, focusing on the sensations of the body instead.

This core mindfulness meditation called a body scan, will train your attention to focus on just one thing at a time — in this case, the physical sensations in the body. It helps with symptoms of stress and anxiety, and is a great tool to have during emotionally challenging times.

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About the teacher

Dr. David Vago

David Vago, Ph.D., is on a mission to alleviate suffering and improve wellbeing through investigating connections between the mind, brain, and body. He has over 15 years of experience studying the basic neurobiological mechanisms supporting mind-body practices in relation to wellbeing and over 25 years of formal meditation training.