Pause Before Overreacting

Pause Before Overreacting

10 Mins|Class

About this class

This short guided meditation will help you remain in a state of emotional balance through challenging situations.

We are used to labeling the world and every experience we have as "good" or "bad" based on the stories we create around them, and this can keep us living in an emotional rollercoaster. The antidote to this is learning to see our thoughts and emotions for what they really are: simple sensory experiences passing through our awareness.

This guided meditation teaches us how to do this by noting and labeling every sensation, thought, and emotion in an objective and neutral way, so we can simply observe them and relate to them calmly.

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About the teacher

Dr. David Vago

David Vago, Ph.D., is on a mission to alleviate suffering and improve wellbeing through investigating connections between the mind, brain, and body. He has over 15 years of experience studying the basic neurobiological mechanisms supporting mind-body practices in relation to wellbeing and over 25 years of formal meditation training.