Invigorating Mindful Walk

Invigorating Mindful Walk

12 Mins|Class| Meditation & Mindfulness

About this class

When you feel too energized or overwhelmed to sit down, try this walking meditation with wonderful health benefits.

If you're one of those people who get fidgety, bored, or impatient whenever you try to sit down and meditate, or if you simply want to try a new and invigorating meditation practice, a walking meditation may be exactly what you need.

Live your life healthy, happy, whole.

About the teacher

Dr. David Vago

David Vago, Ph.D., is on a mission to alleviate suffering and improve wellbeing through investigating connections between the mind, brain, and body. He has over 15 years of experience studying the basic neurobiological mechanisms supporting mind-body practices in relation to wellbeing and over 25 years of formal meditation training.