Gentle Kundalini to Soothe Stress

Gentle Kundalini to Soothe Stress

20 Mins|Class| Meditation & Mindfulness, Yoga

About this class

Create harmony and reduce stress by balancing the Tattvas — the elements that make up our bodies.

Earth, air, fire, water, and the bits of space between matter called ether make up our bodies, and in the kundalini yoga tradition, these five elements that make us up, along with the physical world, are called the Tattvas. In this class with kundalini yoga teacher Kasanadra Jewall, learn to soothe stress and create harmony in your life by balancing these elements..

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About the teacher

Kasandra Jewall

With over 30 years of advanced training in multiple styles of yoga, Kasandra Jewall provides individuals with an alternative to emotional and reactive states of being. Jewall also hopes to share the calm and centering she’s found through establishing a personal meditative practice.