Find Focus When Facing a Deadline

Find Focus When Facing a Deadline

6 Mins|Class| Meditation & Mindfulness

About this class

This quick and effective meditation practice will help sharpen your focus when you feel pulled away by distractions. 

This short focus practice is like a bicep curl for your attention and will keep sharpening your mind as you keep practicing.  Use it whenever you have an exam or an important deadline coming up, but you're having a hard time concentrating with all the distractions around you. You can also practice it regularly to improve your attention in every area of your life.

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About the teacher

Yael Shy

Yael Shy offers over 10 years of experience as a meditation teacher in addition to 20 years of experience as practitioner in a variety of traditions. She primarily works with parents, in addition to young adults to help navigate their twenties, or better cope with change.