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At RoundGlass, we are not giving up on the world.
These are challenging times, but we are optimists. Our Sports, Sustain, and Foundation initiatives reflect our faith in the impact of taking action.
Bringing clean water, sustainable farming, and health to people in need.
Because “giving back” represents the very heart of the RoundGlass mission.

The RoundGlass Foundation has brought hope to hundreds of villages in the Indian state of Punjab. We’re just getting started.
We’re helping young people play the game of life.
Because the skills we learn through team sports are the skills that continue to guide us along the way.

In places where athletics flourish, people flourish too. At RoundGlass Sports, we view football and hockey as pathways to success.

The most important work we do.

Here at RoundGlass, we’re proud of our quest to empower people through Wholistic Wellbeing. We’re even prouder of our impact initiatives, which are philanthropic efforts that reflect the values of our founder, Sunny Singh. Sunny’s love for India – for its people, its traditions, its natural beauty – runs deep. He has poured his resources into these initiatives not only to improve lives in India, but to provide an innovative new model for proactive philanthropy around the world.

Dragonflies are a blessing. So are tigers and cranes and otters and even porcupines. Because people happen to share a planet with these fascinating, beautiful creatures, we have created RoundGlass Sustain as a platform for fostering compassion for our wild neighbors and showing how connected we all are. Through stories, videos, and captivating images, we strive to inspire love for India’s biodiversity and to help human beings deepen their relationship with the natural world. 

A few of our stories

Explore India’s most famous bird sanctuary. All around this national park, one hears the call of birds.

One of the one of the most fascinating creatures of the night, the Bengal Slow Loris can maintain a static hold, upright or upside down, for almost an hour!

Read about the private lives of a family of four white-throated kingfisher — two earnest parents and two fledglings — that the author observes in her semi-wild garden.

RoundGlass Sports

Playing a team sport can help put a child on the pathway to future success. Find out how RoundGlass is transforming lives through athletics.

When is a child happiest? When she is out in the field running, with wind in her hair and a friend by her side. Our RoundGlass Sports initiative has a simple goal: to bring village kids to the playground and give them an equal opportunity to excel at sports. For vast areas of rural India, the opportunity to play team sports — with world-class gear and well-trained coaches — hasn’t always been available. We seek to change that. And we’re transforming lives in the process. 

A few of our stories

RoundGlass Punjab kicks things off in a fresh direction with technical director Nikolaos Topoliatis.

What does masterful stickwork look like? Take a look.

What is “Punjabiyat,” and what does it have to do with the game of football?

RoundGlass Foundation

With a focus on a range of issues, the RoundGlass Foundation has improved the quality of life in hundreds of villages throughout the Indian state of Punjab.

Never forget your roots. Sunny Singh’s journey brought him all the way from the Indian state of Punjab to the entrepreneurial epicenter of the United States. But it wound up bringing him back home, too. Sunny’s RoundGlass Foundation is a well-known presence in the villages of Punjab, where it’s committed to improving the quality of life at every level, from sanitation to education to reforestation. Where there are people in need, the RoundGlass Foundation is stepping up to help.

A few of our stories

Himanshu learnt new skills during lockdown. Armed with these new skills he now helps his community.

Baljinder Singh Mann is a farmer who believes in giving back more than he takes. And that’s what he did.

By taking care of the environment, the children have changed the way their village looked.

"Always we are led back to the heart. It is there that everything is determined."
- Henry Miller
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